Shift Your Culture to Something Positive

Company culture plays a huge role in the function of organizations, impacting employee satisfaction, retention, productivity and overall employee engagement. This is why managers must evaluate their organizational culture and do everything they can to improve it.

1. Evaluate Your Current Culture

It all begins with first understanding your current culture and finding ways to adjust it. You need to start with something, so use what you have at your fingertips in your current culture.

2. Start with Addressing Behavior Gradually

You cannot force someone to change their mind, but you can encourage different behaviors. Choose behavior shifts gradually that can positively impact your workplace that embodies the company’s values and you can see an impact on mental stances.

3. Utilize Social Leadership Structures

While there are certainly leaders in leadership roles, there are also those who hold power and authority in an informal leadership structure. Empower these people and get buy-in and you can tap into their influence and clout for positive change.

4. Hold Your Managers Accountable

Your professionals in leadership positions must also be held accountable in their behavior. They must also get on board with all the positive changes to the company to see true change.

5. Tie Behaviors to Business

When you as your employees to change behaviors or begin to make culture shifts, you must tie this change to the work. Take the time to listen to your employees and find out what they truly need to be successful and tie your efforts back into the end result. In pushing for positive workplace culture, you need to ensure that there is a cohesion from the efforts to behavior to the work.

6. Exhibit Impact

Even with gradual starts, when you make these big changes, your team will want to know if it’s worth it. Take time to show that the efforts you are pushing are truly impacting the workplace, in productivity, satisfaction, performance, etc.

7. Social Media Engagement

It is important to note the impact of addressing workplace issues, so take pride and spread the word. Utilize social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to promote your positive impact.

8. Continue Your Efforts

It is not enough to commit to culture shifts and improvements once. You will need to encourage positive culture over time and ensure to address this consistently to truly see an improvement.

Organizational culture is a major influence on the workplace and the staff members who work there. It is essential to take the time to evaluate your current culture and truly dedicate yourself to its growth and development over the long haul to ensure you can make the long-term improvements you are hoping for.