Accounts Receivable

Finance Your Receivables to Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow is one of the most persistent ongoing challengers that entrepreneurs and managers face. It’s unavoidable, though, because of the gaps created by payment windows that put you in situations where sometimes your company just doesn’t have cash on hand when money is due to go out. Balancing these windows and finding a way to keep cash flowing is the key to seamless operation, so when you need a little extra working capital to keep things going, accounts receivable financing provides an ideal solution.

How Financing Receivables Works

When you contact a Doriscar Capital Group associate about using this kind of financing, we review your outstanding accounts and your customers’ payment histories to decide what kind of sum is available. After you have received your cash, we take over collecting payment, subtracting our advance and service fee from each one before passing them on to you.

Benefits of Financing Your Accounts 

  • Cash in 24 hours
  • Payment insurance on your customers at no additional cost to you
  • No loss of equity
  • No fixed payments
  • No personal guarantees

The best thing about financing your accounts receivable is the fact that you can do it again and again, whenever you need money and you have outstanding accounts. Contact an associate today for an application.