Franchise Financing

Financing Your Next Franchise

Whether you are looking to set up your first franchise business or you are trying to put together the funding you need to open a new one after gaining experience in the industry, our associates are ready to help. They understand that franchise companies have a unique business model that requires working capital and rewards it with benefits like an already-cultivated customer base and a winning marketing strategy.

To take full advantage of your opportunities, though, you need to be able to put cash wherever it is needed, including advertising, payroll, equipment, and even the franchise buy-in. That’s why our program is set up the way it is—so you have the flexibility you need in the beginning and the kind of long-term repayment options that make it a sound investment in your future.

Program Features

  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Extra cash for working capital
  • Rates as low as 6%
  • Fast closings and commitments
  • First time owners
  • Up to 25 year terms
  • No prepayment penalties

When you are getting ready to move forward with your franchise investment goals, contact a Doriscar Capital Group associate to talk about what we can do to help you succeed. Our program is built to be friendly for both experienced investors and first-time owners, because business is challenging enough. Your financing should be easy.