Small Business Loan, SBA

Considering an SBA Loan for Your Business?

If you are looking to put together long-term financing that can help your company with a major investment like new equipment, facilities, or even your initial acquisition of the business, then small business loan opportunities from the SBA are likely on your radar as an option. These loans feature some very advantageous parameters, and by working with preferred providers like Doriscar Capital Group you can streamline the application process, giving you a determination more quickly.

Commercial Real Estate Purchases

The Small Business Administration requires all companies that apply for loans to cover real estate purchases to use a majority of the floor space for their own operations. As long as those and other requirements are met, though, the program will fund a wide variety of property types, including

  • Gas stations
  • Storefronts
  • Warehouse and industrial space
  • Auto shops
  • Dealerships
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants

Acquisition Loans for Entrepreneurs

When you are looking to buy an existing business with an annual income below $1.25 million, the SBA offers loans to cover the purchase. These loans have terms up to 15 years and 80% LTV to help you gain possession of healthy existing businesses, allowing you to make an investment in a company that is already benefitting your community.

Equipment Financing for Small Businesses

Having access to the equipment you need to keep your company working is essential, and when you need to make investments in new equipment to grow and take advantage of opportunities, you need the kind of financing that allows for that sort of long-term planning. That’s where the Small Business Administration’s equipment loans help. These loans have terms to 25 years, competitive interest rates, and they are designed to help you build your company sustainably, so you can keep growing.

To find out more about small business loans through Doriscar Capital Group, talk to one of our associates today. They are ready to answer questions or to help you start an application.