Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing Packages for the Working Capital You Need

When you operate a business in the healthcare sector, your financing needs to work with you to keep cash flowing so that you always have the equipment and resources that you need to keep servicing your patients. That’s why Doriscar Capital Group has an entire array of healthcare financing options available to help you out. That way, you have the working capital you need to keep your practice or clinic running smoothly.

Practice Loans

Our practice loans are available in two tiers. Application-only loans go up to $75,000 and loans with full financial disclosures behind them can reach $250,000. Either way, repayment terms go out to 72 months and the debt does not show up on a consumer credit report. Use the capital to

  • Cover payroll expenses
  • Order supplies
  • Consolidate debts
  • Take care of personal expenses

Medical Equipment Leasing

When you need to lease medical equipment, you need a partner who understands the unique maintenance needs it will have. Our program allows for up to 50 percent of the lease’s cost to go to the soft expenses associated with operation.

Acquisition Loans

When the time comes for you to buy into a practice—or just to buy one—our acquisition loans are designed to help you succeed by providing up to 100 percent of the purchase cost.

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