Business-to-Consumer Finance

Drive Sales and Return Business With Consumer Finance Programs

One of the best ways you have to encourage customers to do business with you is the ability to make their payment schedule flexible. Offering credit has been shown to not only help connect customers to purchases they might not have otherwise made, but also to encourage repeat business. That’s because people tend to return to do business with companies that they know can work with them when it comes to payments. That’s the secret that makes consumer finance programs such a big help to businesses in a variety of industries.

Program Details

When you work with Doriscar Capital Group to connect your customers to credit, you gain access to a well-established program with a variety of competitive features:

  • Financing for those with a 580 FICO or higher
  • Flexible interest rates and tiered pricing
  • E-signature and instant approval
  • The ability to have us collect on bad debt portfolios
  • Incentive programs, including six months same as cash

Benefits for You and Your Customers

Not only does offering credit help drive new business for you, access to credit can often mean the difference between being connected to goods and services and going without for your customers. When you offer consumer credit, you have the opportunity to increase access to everything your company has to offer.

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