Great Productivity Hacks from 6 Brilliant Entrepreneurs

Few things get entrepreneurs more excited than productivity hacks. Whether stunningly simple or complicated and unique, great ways to stay productive are a lifeline for stressed-out aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a break.

Take a look at these six ways to boost your output in and out of the office.

1. Focus on the Top Ideas

When your mind is a flurry of new ideas and innovative approaches, sometimes it pays to focus on your top ten ideas. Finally, narrow that list down to only three ideas that are worth your attention. It’s a great way to stay focused when your mind wants to wander.

2. Stay Ambitious

Don’t settle for mediocre ideas, plans or strategies. The most successful entrepreneurs increase their productivity by thinking about big, ambitious ideas and finding ways to execute them. Don’t let fear hold you back from being productive.

3. Write It Down

It’s hard to narrow down your plans and ideas to the big three when you don’t remember them. Don’t just write down your plans for your business, write down your daily tasks and to-do lists to keep yourself organized.

4. Skip Meeting Days Once a Week

While it may be tempting to literally skip meetings, instead simply don’t plan any meetings for a single weekday. Keep your productivity high while you avoid these infamous time thieves, both in and out of the office.

5. Keep Meetings Short and Small

Don’t invite too many people to a meeting. Large meetings can quickly drain your productive energy as you try to coordinate schedules and ideas between a room full of people. Any more than six or eight people and you’re losing a considerable amount of productive time.

6. Start With Important Emails

Whether you get a few or a few hundred, emails are an important line of communication between you and your employees, clients, funders and basically everyone. However, with the sheer amount of emails coming in and out of your inbox on any given day, keeping up your productivity means weeding out those emails that are less important. Find the critical questions and areas that need your attention. That way, you’ll stay productive and be able to allocate time to less important tasks as needed.

There’s no magical way to stay fully productive day in and day out. However, these six tips can help you avoid many typical ways that other entrepreneurs waste their time and miss out on truly productive moments in their week.