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Commercial Financing to Fit Your Business

At Doriscar Capital Group, we understand the importance of having the right commercial finance tools to support the growth of your company, whether you’re in the initial startup phases or you are looking at planning your next long-term strategy to continue developing in new markets. That is why we go out of our way to cultivate a diverse range of financial products—so our clients will be able to find lending that fits their business models and their current needs. This allows us to start working with you and keep working with you as you grow.


Trihawk SBA Loan Woman on phone

SBA Loan

If you are looking to put together long-term financing that can help your company with a major investment like new equipment, facilities, or even your initial acquisition of the business, then small business loan opportunities from the SBA are likely on your radar as an option.

Doriscar Capital Group Moving City

Commercial Real Estate

When you are planning a commercial real estate purchase, you need access to the financing that will give you enough reach to acquire exactly what you need. Whether you are looking at developing the property out through construction, occupying it as facilities, or simply using it as an investment, that reach is everything.

Trihawk Equipment Leasing and Financing

Equipment Financing

When your company needs to get work done, you count on your equipment to carry you through the task. Without it, business would grind to a halt quickly, whether you’re talking about tools, vehicles, or just the IT infrastructure your office needs.


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Books on Financing by Dr. David Doriscar

Explore the insightful books authored by Dr. David Doriscar, focusing on financial literacy and business management. These essential reads are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their financial understanding and business acumen.

7 Things to Know About Getting Money for Your Business

This book serves as a crucial guide to understanding the fundamentals of earning and managing money in your business ventures.

Financial Literacy: Hacking Your Way to Generational Wealth

Financial Literacy: Hacking Your Way to Generational Wealth

Unlock the secrets to creating generational wealth and mastering financial management for entrepreneurs.

Financial Products to Fit Your Business

In addition to the wide range of financial products that we offer our customers, we also build our lending services to scale. That means that when you find something that fits your business model, we are generally able to increase the amounts available to you as your volume of business grows. That kind of partnership is hard to find in the business world.